Reviews for "Chompy"

Oh my, this is pretty funny. really cute, simple, and fun little platformer.

really enjoyed that, i might play more in the future~ :)

The game is fun. Not too frustrating, and if you die, you're playing again in no time.
The big downside is that it's too easy. Way too easy.
For almost all levels, I got gold on my first try. For some levels, I did not just get gold, but beat the gold time by seconds (averages per world: 1, 3.2, 6.4). Kind of takes away from the challenge. Also, the bug still contains some glitches, mostly around the ladders.

Did you really Have to make Space *Jump* and (Down Key) *Down*?

I keep getting the controls mixed up with the *Up* key to jump and to go down as well.

Yes I Love it Great! Fun! Frantic!