Reviews for "Chompy"

4/5, simply cause of the lag. I would ignore this if I wasn't playing on low quality with an 8GB RAM and a video card that can run Dota 2. So, just fix the lag issues that im sure other people are having (not saying all, im sure there are people that arent having lag issues) but yea, 5/5 if lag issues are fixed. Good game overall :)

I Challange Anyone to beat level 1 with time exactly 1.0
PM me if you can

This is the gem that stands out from all those other boring games each week. It's cute and fun to play.

The challenge could be increased to make the speedrunning more difficult but it's fine as it is.

GuyUngerNL responds:

glad you like it :)

The game is awesome, but I couldn't play it too far because it made me dizzy, still great work

Great game... Fast-paced and it has a real energy to it.