Reviews for "Chompy"

Wow good job! Fun and easy to pick up game for people. I completed in one playthrough which is very nice. Controls are great and the music fits excellent with the game.


Great fun game, i'm normally stressed out when i games with time limits but not in this one, thank god for the great controls otherwise i would be frustrated :)

I had fun with this, good work! Love the Donkey Kong music, very fitting.
By the way does the High Score Board work? I don't see anyone in there yet.

One of the best Newgrounds games so far. BUT 30 high-speed levels is not enough. Well, even if it IS short, it IS still A LOT of fun and challenge. Thanks for the game. 5 STARS out of 5. Gonna check some of your other games for sure!

Challenging But Fun 5 Stars!