Reviews for "Chompy"

Very funny and catchy game really enjoid it, only had problems with controlls/leader ;) The Pro Speedrunner medal doesnt work correctly; got it with lvl. 28 gold missing (but got lvl. 28 too now :D )

Really good game, not hard at all, my problems began at 27, but you need to consider that my left arm is broken and my spacebar is almost broken. Loved that DK music version, but I'm not going to say it was the cherry in the top of the cake, cause I fricking hate cherry

I love EVERYTHING about this game. Good quality, simple plot, good music and brilliant/enjoying sound effects. Even when you finish the game you have more goals that involve it (Beating your latest score). Great job!

love the game on some levels i could beat in one go and that felt so good to do but on some others it was more difficult and i loved it all

this is like the second best games ever in newgrounds in my opinion