Reviews for "Chompy"

Really fun.

Fun little plataformer.

This was one fast-paced game! Fast-paced in a good way, no a difficult and tasking way but with a speed that feels challenging and fun. Love the jazzy music, the slick controls, and the en-richening intensity of each level. Long time since I played a game like this that I just ran from start to finish without moving my eyes from the screen. It's addicting!


Loved that game, was cute and just the right amount of tricky it was supposed to be. :D


I truly enjoyed this! Not too difficult, but still enough challenge, well, at least for a dirty casual gamer. First game on NG for me to get "bragging rights."

Levels are interesting, color scheme is very nice, music! Music is fantastic, upbeat but not tiresome to my ears.

Control, which is very important to game play is swift, very accurate.

Good job!