Reviews for "Chompy"

Loved so much this game!! :D collected all medals xD

I love this game, it has a really enjoyable feel to it, great music, good controls (if a little jerky), great concept, decent length and not too impossible yet tricky enough to keep you interested. I don't know why but it really reminds me of the crocodile from Where's My Water, another game I love!

Nice concept.

Most fun I've had in a while on this site :) Super fun, and now I feel like speed-runs are actually addictive. The crocodile is so cute btw ^^
I hope you can make more!

Wow i'm actually mad this lags so much for me because this looks G R E A T. good sound design, good graphics, good music, fluid animations (i think the bad framerate and laggyness is my computers fault)

i'm actually pretty blown away rn, i haven't played a newgrounds game in almost a year and it makes me happy that something THIS GOOD is also FREE

definitly one of the best and most impressive games i've ever seen on this site

GuyUngerNL responds:

Thanks! That's great to hear ^^