Reviews for "Chompy"

Very fun , fast paced platforming , the only thing it needs is some more traps because sometimes the levels are too easy and the "catchy phrases" need to have something to do with the level

Overall this was a good game but it was too easy/short (finished in 15 mins)

This would make a fine steam game :D you should just put vectored graphics and maybe some more levels and this could probably sell on steam! Great game btw :D

ok it was fun. the music is fantastic. the flashing was a bit much but it went with the game....over all well done!

Well, it's competently executed, for the most part. But let's see...I don't like having to read the description to get the controls (but at least they're specified, unlike SOME games); I found the gameplay sort of repetitive; the screen shake was really annoying--it made me feel tired just trying to watch the action; and on one level I got 4.5 coins...4.5? How did I get half a coin???

i don't know what the hell is happenin