Reviews for "Chompy"

All achievments !!! GG very nice game :)

I enjoyed this game very much but I did NOT get the Pro Speedrunner Medal despite getting all of the times done for the levels. Outside of that, this is a very fun game and I enjoyed it. Great job!

A very solid fun and enjoyable platformer.

Those are the words I would use to summarize this awesome game.

Challenging and not too hard so everyone can have a shot at it. The controls are responsive so if you fall or die you have only you to blame for.

Regarding the story and the character, not much too tell:
It is the story of a sassy crocodile lass with a top hat that risks its ass for a sweet sum of coins. (see this alliteration in the s consonant?)

You did a really good job on that one, congratulations. You should be proud.

As always, thanks for the fat medals, it has been a pleasure playing your game.

See you later alligators.

Challenging But Fun 5 Stars!

I had a great time playing this game! Love the music. Cute little animations, the increasing difficulty level. Nice!