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Reviews for "Super Oppressed PPL."

You actually had me laughing with this one!
May the Opression Olympics begin!

lol this is well a very interesting game.I found myself laughing at some points so this game isnt TOO bad at all!

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

Then my job here is done! :D

"First they came for the white males, and I did not speak out - because I was not a white male..." This game makes me glad I live in a second-world country. Yes, it's not much of a game, but I like the idea of using game mechanics (by gradually limiting player's choices), and not just text and gfx, to state the message.

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the idea of the game. There's admittedly not much to the game play but I am working on a new game that has much more gameplay as we speak that you may enjoy.

As much as I like retro games, and the like. I can't stand a game that continuosly insult the player. Also, the control are terrible, you should make text reading progress with button pressing instead of automatic, and make sure to put a marker to indicate you are picking a character or reading text.

I don't recommend.

This game was okay I guess, although I expected goofy platforming game poking fun at the SJWs and stuff. This game was more cynical.

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

I'm kind of a cynical guy. I am working on one that has good platforming and puzzles.