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Reviews for "Super Oppressed PPL."

This game triggered me so hard, I almost forgot to check my white privilege, my male privilege, my neurotypcial privilege, my straight privilege, my poor eyesight privilege and my privilege privilege this morning.

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

If you have been triggered then feel free to donate to my patreon. I will use the money to make youtube videos helping you become even more triggered/victimized and then pocket the rest of the cash inside the truck of my Lambo.

Funny shit. The secret medal ties the whole thing together.

Speaking of which, I got the little in-game flag for it but it's not showing on my medals. Is this supposed to happen?

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

Nope. It uses the NG API so if it popped up in game it should give you the medal. Not sure what's up with that.

you triggered me hard, i'm going back to Tumblr to tell everyone how you raped me by making this game ,then I'm contacting my lawyer about suing you for raping me and forcing yourself onto me. You disgusting misogynistic white cis-male!

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

Live Free or be Triggered Hard. ;)

10/10 "Would offend everyone again" Seriously though, pretty funny. Worth the minute or two to "play" it.


Love this game! The person who made this is brilliant. Finally I can explain now what a SJW is to normies.

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

Yes, I implore you to show all the normies.