Reviews for "Super Oppressed PPL."

Perfect representation of the garbage that SJWs try to throw into games and like most SJW supported games, it's just a slideshow without much of a game.

And that's how the world is going to be in a couple of decades... good job, man!

Honestly, I was going to give this a 3.5 stars, but you cracked enough hilarity in the review responses that now I'm excited to see what other stunts you can pull in the future.
One thing though, I'm not entirely sure how to trigger the Type: Human medal. I'll be working on that.

KMDES responds:

Thanks. I try to respond to every review, positive or negative.

Well, I purposely made that one difficult. You will do a forehead smack once you get it though.

Good job giving the finger to those stupid SJW cunts.

LoL Tumblr the videogame

KMDES responds:

Next up: Tumblr the Movie: The Video Game!