Reviews for "Super Oppressed PPL."

Linked here by Paul Joseph Watson! Yee!

What a great illustration of SJW insanity. My privilege feels sufficiently checked.

I think there's room for a good ol' fashion National Socialist / Anti-Capitalism joke with coin collection, though. (Most SJW's tend to be raging socialists.) Ha. :D

KMDES responds:

I noticed he tweeted about it. Probably saw Sargon's video.

Yeah, there were a lot of jokes I thought of after the fact, but I wanted to move on and do other games.

Needs more genders.

KMDES responds:

Due to programming constraints, the original game could not handle all 71 genders. With the new gender series coming out with the next generation we're hoping to handle all 188 genders with the sequel.

Thank you for your patience.

as someone that speak spanish i find the english text triggering

joke aside good job is a nice parody game now sell it to kotaku as an interactive experiencessss

KMDES responds:

Kotaku has me black listed. :(

Awesome game. It correctly describes the whole SJW movement. Especially on Tumblr. They are a cancer on society that's now ruining colleges, and hopefully with them being exposed in South Park and through stuff like this they'll finally get their self entitled asses pwned.

White straight male and proud of it. :)

KMDES responds:

New South Park season is tops mate.

Speak, friend, and enter!

Took me embarrassingly long to get that.

Great game, man. Loved it.

KMDES responds:

Some still think it's legit SJW. ;)