Reviews for "Super Oppressed PPL."

Oh man, this is actually really clever satire. The feeling of frustration one gets from playing this game all the way through really shows how hypocritical and pretentious the SJW ideology really is.

Great stuff dude-- oh shit, sorry, what names and pronouns do you prefer?

KMDES responds:

My pronouns are KM/KM/KM.

Thanks for the great review. :)

From what I gather in this here comment section, there are now more "genders" than pokémons...!! Oh shit, now that I've said that, maybe each pokémon is ALSO a gender... o-O
Great game, I love you man, in any gender/color/language/(dis)ability/race/sexual preference/romantic orientation/blablablabla...

KMDES responds:

There's something like 70 different genders now, so... Yeah. It's getting close.

And thanks, I'm glad you love me. ;) Send nudes. #NoHomo

I freaking love this! You have somehow managed to summarize all of the SJW craziness into a single game. Truly this is a remarkable feat. Great work you oppressive shitlord!

KMDES responds:

It's from the many years that I spent living with their tribes. In reality, it's much worse than what I show in the game.

Anyone else feel offended that there was offencive slang towards all the cis-gender white men and women. I personally will not stand for the racism and sexism in this game.

KMDES responds:


Let me edit it to be fair to everyone!

Sometime next year!

Or decade!


I am quite litterally offended with the complete absence of all 151 genders. Where are wolfkins demi-sexuals, for example ?

KMDES responds:

Due to programming constraints, the original game could not handle all 151 genders. With the new gender series coming out with the next generation we're hoping to handle all 188 genders with the sequel.
Thank you for your patience.