Reviews for "Super Oppressed PPL."

hahaha very fun.

Just one thing that triggerd me though... I just think you should put a little bit more of time in the text box. I almost didn`t readed any of the boxes completely.

All in all very funny game.

All of my lolz go to this.

says alot about how people who think if someone else can't do it because of some disability that nobody should do it. also the thing about every body not being able to be proud of their heratige if they are white is a real thing if you say tou are proud to be caucasian you WILL get called a white supremicist by alot of people.

KMDES responds:

It's such a shame to see white shaming or male shaming like you should be ashamed of what you're born. It's why I make games like this to make a statement against attitudes like that.

not a game, just a social justice example

KMDES responds:

Absolutely. Wouldn't you love all games to have no challenge or the ability to do much of anything? :D

I wouldn't. That's why I made this. This is Serious Business.

I lol'ed.

KMDES responds:

Then I did my job. :D