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Reviews for "Super Oppressed PPL."

I would love to try this game out because it looks hilarious in it's sjw parody stuff but the moment the actual gameplay starts and you can move around I get a text box that says "WHAT ARE YOU SOME SORT OF ABLEIST?! DON'T YOU KNOW MOST PEOPLE IN THE USA CAN'T" and then it cuts off and the text refuses to move forward. I waited, pressed lotsa buttons, clicked on the game to make sure I was still in it, but nothing worked. The music still played so, I know it didn't freeze on me, the game just potatoed on me. Please fix this

I love this for the irony (I hope it is, at least)

I see what you were going for but the game is kinda broken.
2 stars. One because of it being a good idea. The other one because i don't fucken knowjaskdasndasndjaskdbnasdbnjkasdnsdsdas
bad gam

So broken.

froze before the game even started. might be work better as an object to chuck at annoying crappy game designers!