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Reviews for "Super Oppressed PPL."

Clever enough, and breaking the 4th wall via game text was a bit amusing. But really, satire just isn't very funny unless it punches "upward," you know what I mean? Watch some Mel Brooks if you need lessons on how to do satire, and he's far from PC. Mocking SJW elitism is funny. Mocking armchair political bloggers is funny. Mocking indie developers' sincere attempts at character diversity? Eh, kinda douchebag of ya.

I like this game. It summarizes almost all of the ridiculous claims of SJWs and their lot, and foreshadows a world taken over by these thin-skinned nazis. Thank you for making this.

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wouldn't like a world where every game is Gone Home either.

i extremely dislike this game as a disabled white person i am deeply offended by your opinion on many views that this game brings up and the inability to have my own choice in a world where the white person is being oppressed just as bad not to mention having to play as a transsexual when my views on there way of life is i disagree with it not to mention being blatantly insulted and called something i am not and i'd rather you make a game which allows free choice not to mention you poke fun at people with colour blindness and that are deaf this game is highly offensive and you truly don't care about who you offend as you think you are in the right when this game is out of order and vulgar and not to mention using mario's greatest to show how insulting you are outrageous

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

I'm not sure if this is pro or anti Super Oppressed PPL... Are you missing the point?

I'm just sick of playing dudes all the time, I dunno why everyone's going all crazy with stuff ranging from rape and death threats to 'satire'.

And I still didn't get to play as my gender or race :(.

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

Hypersensitivity, it's ruining everything. :(((((

Why would anyone blame GamerGate on this? People have made predictable parodies and Mario clones and have missed points since the beginning of the internet. All we need now is cat memes and Batman. I demand that this game be playable as Batman.