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Reviews for "Super Oppressed PPL."

I see what you were going for. But did i have fun playing it ?. Nope

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

Maybe better luck next time.


When do we get to kill all the SJWs

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

Never. There will always be SJWs... (What a twist!)

This game does a really good job at showing us how political correctness sometimes gets in the way of proper judgement. That is not to say we should not show compassion towards those in worse situations than us, and we should definitely help them, but that doesn't always imply crippling ourselves in the back.

The beginning of the game starts out very reasonable, showing us who are those that society tries to avoid (although the game industry usually tries to avoid things like transgenders, gays, etc. mainly so they don't lose any of their ultraconservative customers), and then quickly takes the same political correctness and shows how it can be driven out of proportion.

I believe that this is a good satire and an accurate representation of a middle path that we must learn to take. Not a racist, sexist, imperialist path, but neither an absolute political correctness path.

Thanks for the game!!!

This game is one of the least humorous attempts at satire I've ever played.

Quite honestly, I've never heard Social Justice Warrior used as something other than a pejorative, so maybe it's just because the whole "They hate us because we're white guys!" stick has lost it's charm. (It didn't really have any charm in the first place...)

I did chuckle at the fact that it implies third wave feminists call white guys "nazis", when it's almost always the other way around. ("Feminazi" ring a bell?)

If anything, this game serves to point out that the detractors of the so-called Social Justice Movement have become even more annoying than the movement itself supposedly is.

I am a straight, white male, and I can say with absolute certainty:

This sucks taint.

I doubt I'll get a response from this game's creator, but perhaps that's for the best, considering straw men are the only thing he can take down.

(I hope I don't offend any poor oppressed gamers who are constantly harassed over the internet just because they act like petulant children and think that people asking them to be politically correct is akin to murdering them.)