Reviews for "Super Oppressed PPL."

tears in my eyes right now
running away from gomba because you're unable to jump only to have them removed anyway, ha!

goddam degenerates and their anti-white man shenanigans

KMDES responds:

Did I trick you? ;)

Although this game is full of straw man arguments, I think it succeeds in the social satire department, and it definitely takes some bravery to submit such a "game" these days, so I admire that. Even if I don't agree with some of the points made in it.

I think the Super Mario environment works fine for this kind of satire and the execution was OK. Great job!

And as for the butthurt people: grow up.

Nice statement and a funny "game" :)

Excellent game and excellent points. Indeed, the world is this crazy right now.

It's poor...
And about the first choice, it's just horrible. I hate this idea of a 3rd sex...

I'm sure that there was better than the concept of mario to do your game.