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Reviews for "Super Oppressed PPL."

10 outta 10 my fuckin donger is rock hard because i am cis white male ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

I am glad that it maximum expands dong.

So, some people got ofended because of a parody made purposely to offend sjw....
You guys just prove the point of this game.
'I think it's the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately. '
-George Carlin

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

Best quote, right here.

Not so much as a game as it is an exaggerated satire aimed at modern hypocritical SJWs. However, this also feels like a forced propaganda material, as others have pointed out.
Props to the tiny minority who actually think this is an anti-diversity propaganda pushing the oppressive patriarchal anti-women agenda

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

It all came from people that I knew who were SJW. Hanging around them is pretty much what's in the game.

I really don't see what point this is trying to make, except by trying to present diversity as a bad thing? Nothing of this sort ever actually happens in real life, I don't know why anybody thought this game was actually a good idea.

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

I learned this all from people I met in real life.

Sorry to disappoint. :(

I wasn't sure if there is a point to write a review, especially that everything was said and done, but let me try, as I consider games like these an important wake up call. Thoughts:

1) Very clever secret medal. I only hope more people would discover it. It's very obvious once you unlock it, but still, it requires a certain privilege of being smart enough to figure it out.

2) It's noble to make life easier for those who have it hard, but it's disgusting when a group of people make life harder for those who have it easier, just because they have it easier. It's racist,
and sadly, the irony escapes sjws, who want to separate us and catalog us by our "disadvantages".

3) Which brings me to the point that we are much more than our disabilities, color of the skin, and sex. We all have disadvantages, but we also have advantages. A deaf person can be a great mathematician, and lead a successful life, while a white hetero male with blue eyes might suffer from depression, or trauma, and commit suicide, etc. No one wants to be defined by weakness, and no one wants to be a martyr, or better, a cannon fodder for someone's cause.

4) It's a neat idea of adding transsexual, arabic, disabled characters to the games if it would make sense, or if it rewards player with some interesting gameplay, but I am against doing so for the sake of political correctness. Ideas should be implemented organically, when someone has a clear vision of a game he, or she wants to make.

5) I hope that we all will have a laugh at this in 10 years from now, but sadly, I am disturbed how young people are being brainwashed into being guilty of existing. I call it, the Stockholm Syndrome generation.

6) I love your review DasSchlo. I think it all boils down to people wanting to feel "relevant" or being "revolutionaries" of their generation, especially that most of the important social changes were implemented before they were born, and they desperately need a cause to fight for, to make themselves feel better about themselves. Kony 2012 is still a shining example of people's mentality, when it comes to "helping" someone.

7) I dedicate my nickname to tumblr, sjws, and all the so-called oppressed people, who never were really oppressed.

And that's it. There's much more to add, but I feel like I covered what I wanted to add.

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

Oh? You got the secret medal? People have been hounding me since this game released for that one. It is really way too obvious, but way too hidden at the exact same time.

I love your review, lots of effort and great information. Thank you. :)