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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Big Bro"


this was a great spoof of big brother ahaha

You are a flagrant homosexual.

It was okay (although a bit childish) until the whole sephiroth/cloud thing. If I ahd a gun, I'd shoot you, in fact, this may have motivated me to buy a gun, with which to shoot you. And as for you "evil_sunnava_biyach", I'm not a detective, but sounds to me like you and Mantic Mage may be batting for the other team together, if you get my drift. All in all, This Movie Sucks.

PS: If Mantic Mage should happen to be female, subsitute the word "homosexual" with "whore"


Great and to all those bitches who whined about sephiroth being gay. he is in the japanese version. he and cloud talk about their relationship woth each other all throughout the game.great movie though



Holy lack of animation batman!

The plot was rather, uh lenghthy and really, well, unnecessary. The best part was the end with the two dudes talking. But that won't justify the movie.