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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Big Bro"

Kick Ass Video

Great job Mantic! By far your best video. Your sprites were done wonderfully and your location (Garden) was a great choice for such a story. I'm impressed by the way you used the garden environment to your advantage. Hope you come out with some new stuff soon.


That was fuckin awesome. except where the hell was Rinoa?! but complaints aside i loved the ending. and who DOESNT like tacos, honestly.


dude that movie was so awesome that i almost peed my pants laughing


Dude that was fun!
But man, turning Sephiroth gay was so bad......it was wrong.
Killing all the characters i actually knew was bad too.....but it worked.
It was great, seriously, watch it. "My-a-cock"......i was bursting with laughter.

i've always wanted to see this happen...

honestly, i can say that most of what went on in balamb there would probably happen if such a twist of fate ever occured. well... except for the whole mario/sephiroth gay thing. i was almost insulted that you would even imply something like that about sephiroth, but i was laughing too hard. overall, awesome work.