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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Big Bro"


i love it
it was soo funny


Last time I watched this I was 14 years old. I'm 18 now and it's still great. Brings back so many memories, of wanting to be a sprite animator just like you and trying relentlessly hard to make something great! (That was with an old account, mind you!)

I just recently started making sprite animations again (are they still cool on Newgrounds?), and I remembered this animation and wanted to watch it again. Thanks for the great memories of it! It was just like I remembered it.

Now, to go watch the sequel and catch up!


come on diabetes that was funnny and sonic always stealin chili dogs from someone but i don't blame him i love chili dogs too and cecil is so funny fucking a dead person and terra was funy to killing fighter.YOU 16-BIT BITCH HAHAHA love this


That was sad...mario was gay after all!
Great job

I loved it!

My only complaint is squall not winning.