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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Big Bro"

F*** you!

None of that was funny, you misrepresented all the characters, killed off everyone, and you made Cecil look like a dick! Wat the hell is wrong with you?!?! Have you ever even played FF IV?! play it, then say he sucks! not to mention you really made tifa say you were dreamy? really? Could you be any more desperate? PS Cloud isn't gay!

You should have...

a secrect option for Chuck Norris to win


wow. Bartz got owned by a big freaking tetris block...
and no one stopped to mourn....
sad really...


One of my favorite videos on this site! Great roster and character development!

Great concept, poorly executed

Some of the jokes were funny, I liked the actual casting, but Squall and Cloud looked out-of-place honestly. You know there's a Squall sprite in the coding for Final Fantasy Anthology for the PlayStation, yes? =)

I'm giving you a 6, because while I liked the overall idea, the poor animation killed it for me. I'd like to see more from you though in the future.