Reviews for "Planets Gone Rogue!"

It's a pretty good roguelike, but I do have some complaints.

The plasma shot can move way too fast for a human being at the higher upgraded speed levels, the AI can use a speedy plasma shot to hit your planet in the blink of an eye.

I don't like the need to level up to get more starting money. while in theory a player could beat the campaign the first time, it's extremely unlikely vs playing again and again to get a larger starting bonus.

Missiles need to glow either red or blue to let players know if it's their missile or not., I wasted two shields before realizing the missile was reflected and flying on a wide arc away from my planet and towards the enemy. For a weapon so deadly it's easy to not actually see it since it lacks bright colors like every other projectile in the game has.

I like the idea of the railgun, but it's frustrating to fight the AI using one, it hits instantly and the AI has near instant reflexes vs the player. I found my guns getting shot before the enemy railgun was even fully on screen to act against it.

I need a target reticule to help me aim, it's extremely difficult to line up emp and reflector shots while the AI will have no problem hitting a moving target.

Overall, I love what this game sets out to do, and it's definitely one of the better roguelikes I've seen.

OMBG responds:

First of all thank you for taking the time to write all that down! I think you have found excellent "complaints" (let's call them "areas capable of improvement" ;-) ) for your feedback as I

think they are all valid points:

The plasma shot is fast, yes, but it also has a charge-up phase so you are able to prepare for the incoming shot. However you need to estimate where the shot will land when it is accelerating

which is challenging but you have all the time to think about it as the game pauses while you have the shield selected.

Regarding the starting money I agree with you: It should not be the point of the game having to level up first before you stand a chance at beating it. I think I might need to adjust the

amount the player get at level 0 after I have collected more feedback. I don't want to make it to easy either, it would be ideal if you die in the campaign because you made the wrong

decisions, but not because you did not get enough money to get the job done ;-)

I have little to say in defense for the thing you wrote about the missiles. You are absolutely right with this (especially the part of damage vs. visibility!), and I will definetly improve

this for future versions.

The AI is artifically slowed down at the moment to simulate "thinking time", if you watch closely you might notice that it is not using guns even if they would be available. But it definetly

has an advantage when it comes to selecting guns: A Gun is "selectable" as soon as it is visible on the screen, if there is a pixel you can click on, you can select it. Same goes for the AI,

unfortunately the AI is far better at "clicking on single pixels" than a human player. I might tone that down a bit to make it fairer for us poor human beings ;-)

Do you mean having a different mouse cursor for having a "target reticule"? That is a very good idea, it would also communicate "this Weapon will fire now if you click" to the player.

Thanks again for writing all this, it is hard getting feedback for your game, but if you get feedback with detailed explanations and even proposals on how to improve it is even more valuable.

I cannot promise that I will be able to fix all of these points for a future version of the game, but I will definetly consider all of them to make a good decision on what / how to improve.

"you know nothing jon snow" Good game with nice graphics and music. Easy to learn and happy to say hard to finish.

I would have said at first i was not fully happy with the overall balance of the game but after playing for a bit i felted the balance was just right. If i was going to nitpicking maybe think about change the artifices price or set it so they don't disappear give you chance to buy them when you can.

So thanks every much for the cool game and hope to see more games from yourselves/yourself soon.

OMBG responds:

Thanks for the good rating & feedback! It is good to hear that you were able to beat the game and that you were "getting the hang of it" over time. I was afraid that people would give up easily on this game, but apparently I was wrong. I have taken account of your proposal regarding the artifact prizes and I'll see if I can adjust it for future updates.

Thank you for playing and as long as there are people like you that are willing to play through the stuff I create I will continue making games.

LOL get insta-killed as I scanned a row of planets in the first try XD All planets auto attacked me straight away ahahaha! Just my luck.

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing and sharing your "lucky" experience ^^. Scanning multiple squares at once gives a little cash bonus, but you should be careful if you scan unknown fields because you might end up with mulitple planets at once in the worst case.

Great game, lots of fun. My only gripe is having to restart the entire game instead of having multiple lives. I got to the boss, died and gave up on the game. By then I'd already restarted twice.

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing and I'm sorry the game made you give up in the end. I have just released an update that tweaks some things and makes the game a bit easier overall. Since you should have achieved a higher planet level already, maybe you'll give it another go?

Great but too easy and too long:

Single gun all shield for 80% of the game insta kill everything, then gun shield gun rest shields or emp gun rest shield. Everything else is completely useless.

And again, game is too long since every battle is the same ... pew pew with upgraded machine gun = gg

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing & reviewing! I can imagine that single gun all shields works out well since you' are able to deflect all enemy fire, but I guess this also makes the battles a bit boring which maybe is the reason why it felt overly long to you. I have read about various winning strategies from different players so far, so I don't think everything else is completely useless.