Reviews for "Planets Gone Rogue!"

Excellent game. It's a perfect blend of resource management and skill, and it allows for advancement without ever feeling grind-y. I think the addition of starting health was a great improvement, since extra funds don't help that much because if you upgrade past a certain point you miss out on defeat bonuses and certain achievements. Having said that, I noticed some, as you say, "areas capable of improvement".

The game runs slowly and with a little lag on my (old) computer. It's not so bad that I can't play the game, but it does make it game less fun. Knowing flash, I'm guessing it's due to the graphics. Could you add an option to lower the graphics quality?

Also, structures often won't be selected and buttons won't activate the first time I click on them. This is a problem in combat. I don't know what could be causing this.

I'm not rating yet, in the hope that you'll fix these things. If you do, I think this game is definitely worth a 5-star rating.

OMBG responds:

First of all thanks for playing and the nice feedback! Regarding the "areas capable of improvement"(I like how you adopted my propaganda ;-) ):

Could you please try whether right-clicking in the game screen and setting the "Quality" in the flash player context menu to medium / low helps you to make the game less laggy? If yes I could then add this as a "real" option for the options menu. Please contact me via Private Message with the results, even if this does not help I could imagine other things that I could try out to improve the performance for you. I cannot guarantee that it will work out, but I promise to try it so players with older computers can play this game as well.

Regarding the non-responding clicks: That is a tough one, I would be very eager to fix this, since I would regard this as a game-breaking issue. However I cannot reproduce this at the moment on my PC or on my mobile phone (with the Android Version), so I don't even have a starting point on how to fix this. The code that controls the selection of the guns is pretty straightforward: "If there was a mouseclick on the gun graphic, then pause the game and draw the selection circle" It is a little bit more complicated than that, but what I'm trying to tell is that it is very difficult for me resolving this issue by just staring at this code that works perfectly when I'm running it and trying to imagine what possibly could cause it to react differently on another machine.
There is a small chance however, that this is tied to the lag you are experiencing, I could imagine that when the lag occurs that the mouse input is not processed properly by the underlying game engine.

So it would be great if you could test the impact of the flash player render quality setting and get back to me via PM and we'll continue from there.

Dude I really enjoyed this game. Very original. But the intro tutorial? WTF? I literally had to restart three different times. First I get the upgrade option and spend my loot only to find out I have to have $400 to buy a shield generator before I start the mission.
So I restart. Then I buy the shield generator and am told to upgrade. Soooo I do that. Then I find out after spending my money that I have to buy a 2nd shield generator. Soooo I'm starting over again cause I don't want to sell what I was just instructed to upgrade. Anyway maybe I'm missing something. Great game other than that.

OMBG responds:

Thank you very much! Being at least a little bit original with my game was very important for me, I didn't want to create the 5000th game containing a flapping animal ;-) . Regarding your problems with the tutorial: Normally you should not be able to get stuck since you can always sell the weapons to the same price as you have bought them, so even if you have spent all your money on upgrades, you should be able to "undo" this by selling some guns. But I already got several hints that this exact part of the tutorial is quite misleading and people are getting stuck, so I'm definitely planning to overhaul this for future updates. Thanks again for playing and the good rating!

"you know nothing jon snow" Good game with nice graphics and music. Easy to learn and happy to say hard to finish.

I would have said at first i was not fully happy with the overall balance of the game but after playing for a bit i felted the balance was just right. If i was going to nitpicking maybe think about change the artifices price or set it so they don't disappear give you chance to buy them when you can.

So thanks every much for the cool game and hope to see more games from yourselves/yourself soon.

OMBG responds:

Thanks for the good rating & feedback! It is good to hear that you were able to beat the game and that you were "getting the hang of it" over time. I was afraid that people would give up easily on this game, but apparently I was wrong. I have taken account of your proposal regarding the artifact prizes and I'll see if I can adjust it for future updates.

Thank you for playing and as long as there are people like you that are willing to play through the stuff I create I will continue making games.

Programming, Graphics, and Music by Peter Wagner? That is one insanely talented dude. I hope you all at OneManBand are open to a tough-love review, though:

Beautifully imagined game that falls short on execution, with wild variations in luck, and constant cutscenes that make progress laborious and slow.

What's awesome:
A. The overall idea. The variety of weapons and strategies. The graphics (random planet imagery, random background imagery, planet detonation graphics). The music and variety of songs is excellent. There are great little touches too like the random planet names.
B. The apparent autosave that's happening in the background -- good thinking. My window crashed and I thought I had lost all progress, but I came back to see a "continue" button, which was nice.
How to make the game even better: in addition to addressing the below issues, consider creating a player-vs-player online multiplayer versus mode, which would lend itself VERY well to a game like this.

Now for ten opportunities to improve the game...

1. IMBALANCED -- Enemy planets feature weapons and upgrades that cost so far beyond what the player has at that point. I understand the AI sometimes horribly bad, but sometimes it performs eerily good. To be up against a planet with completely lopsided resources just isn't fair, especially when such a planet doesn't even have to be past the 'world council incentive' line.
How to fix it: Display the sell-value of Gaia's equipment and the sell-value of the enemy planets equipment. Do more testing where the difference makes more sense given how far out the planet is relative to the 'world council incentive' line.

2. LUCK-BASED -- How much luck plays a factor here. The strategic element would be awesome except players can only adjust their strategy BEFORE combat begins so it turns the game into essentially rock-paper-scissors, where luck can make or break the fight. Which would be fine, except for the slow and tedious crawl to get anywhere in this game, so having it blown up in the player's face just due to a poor roll of the dice doesn't make for a very fun game. What's worse is this aspect seemed apparent to the game developer based on the level-up-after-game-over mechanics, and medals are only achievable through frustrating failures.
How to fix it: Improve the game mechanics and do more through testing to make sure the random variations don't result in unplayable scenarios. Allow players the opportunity to change their planet's setup upon seeing the enemy planet they are facing. I also cleared the whole campaign without unlocking Mad Scientist because the enemy equipment didn't appear evenly enough for all equipment to be researched.

3. SCANNING -- There's a reverse-incentive where it's actually better to scan as inefficiently as possible (1 square at a time) in this game, since every time the player scans there's a random chance of getting quests (which is therefore maximized by revealing only one new square per scan).
How to fix it: Quests should be granted based on how many squares were last revealed, not just randomly between scans regardless of how many squares are revealed.

3. CUTSCENES -- Enemy planet discovery alarm and cutscene takes WAY too long to not be skippable or sped up. It takes at least 18 seconds from a scan that results in an enemy map to able underway in combat, and it takes at least another 12 seconds from achieving a victory to finally being returned to the map. So if the player has a scan that reveals two planets, between the combats the player is guaranteed 31+ seconds of sitting around waiting to be able to play. Every. Single. Time. Consider optimizing the game for the player experience, especially if you're marketing it for Google Play. Apps and constant, unskippable cutscenes that are the same every time is a recipe for disaster.
How to fix it: Make it so players can skip or at least speed-up the cutscenes. If it was like a few times the whole game or only in certain circumstances, it would be less annoying, but we're talking about the core combat system and the only way to progress in the game. It shouldn't be slow and clunky, no matter how great the graphics are. If you really want to make the game sharper, provide an option for the player to select the speed of battle (e.g. normal or fast).

4. SHIELD GLITCHES -- The shields sometimes don't block a bullet they should, or block a bullet they shouldn't. Not sure what causes this.

5. TUTORIAL -- The tutorial is good, but if the player starts the shield tutorial without any shields, the game just sits there with spinning planets asking the player to select a shield generator (which the player won't be able to do, and can only close and re-open the window / refresh and start over).

6. TYPO -- There is a typo on the Status screen: "Wepaon Research" (should be "Weapon Research").

7. INFINITE MONEY GLITCH -- There is a game-breaking glitch in the Upgrades menu that allows players to generate infinite money out of thin air. Namely, even before you place a piece of equipment, you can click the buttons for that equipment (including the tooltips which doesn't do anything in of itself, but more importantly you can select upgrades for equipment you haven't bought yet if you just click in the right area). How this is easily abused: On an empty parcel, click around the right-middle of the screen to purchase 5 upgrades for the equipment you haven't bought yet. Then buy the item, and turn around and sell it for instant profit, and repeat for limitless wealth.

8. GUN BEHAVIOR -- Is it deliberate that a gun that is destroyed or disabled continues to fire it's remaining shots so long as the attack was initiated before it was destroyed or disabled? I enjoy it when I get a series of shots off just in time but it's annoying when the enemy does.

9. THE MEDALS -- A number of the medals show up with 0 points and/or the wrong graphic when the player earns them, but when the player refreshes the page they do seem to be normal. Every time I load the game all the medals pop up in the top-left which is kind of weird.

10. THE CREDITS -- I really like the credits background, and the dialogue you try to have with the player. But references to Game of Thrones may be lost on some players, and here we have another example of a lengthy unskippable scene (which isn't abnormal for credits, but going on for 5 minutes on a game that already had a lot of forced cutscenes is salt in the wound).

I think this game is a diamond in the rough, it just really needs a number of material tweaks centered around the player's experience to make it something that players will enjoy and want to share with their friends. Thank you for sharing this, and I hope you find you're able to make the game really enjoyed by a lot of people.

OMBG responds:

Wow thanks for the praise and your detailed description of the 10 opportunities. (Actually it was eleven opportunities nr. 3 is counted twice ;) ) If that is your "tough love", I'm all open for it since this is exactly the material I need to make the game

better. Sorry for the late reply, but I was busy creating the first update for the game which already addresses some of the points. But let's discuss them one by one:

1. IMBALANCED -- The first one is a bit difficult: The logic for the generation of the enemy planets currently works exactly as you have described it: The enemy planet gets assigned a budget

and "goes shopping" on the exact same price list as the player. The budget is depending on the column of the field on which the planet was discovered. If the player fights a planet near the

yellow "incentive" line, they should normally be equally equipped (besides a non-researched weapon of course). When I developed the logic for this, I did exactly what you proposed, I had the

player planet value und the enemy planet value sent to a logfile and compared the reuslts. But I will double check to make sure there is no mistake, and of course I can always adjust the

difficulty by giving the enemy planets less budget for their weapons.

2. LUCK-BASED -- I really like your idea to give the player an opportunity to adjust the planets setup for the next battle. The player could even adjust his strategy according to the current

health of the planet, i.e. equipping more shields when low on health. If I only had this idea in the beginning, I could have designed everything around it, now I will have to see whether I

will be able to squeeze it in. I think it wouldn't even be that difficult to program, but I am a bit worried that it'll affect other aspects of the game and I will end up with a lot of effort

to get this done properly.

3. SCANNING -- Your proposal makes perfect sense and I will try to add this in future updates.

3. CUTSCENES -- Another point I have not much more to add, you are right on this. I will try to add a "skip" button to quickly jump to the target locations of those camera movements, and I will add a button to skip the credits as well.

4. SHIELD GLITCHES -- I have encountered this as well and I was not able to reproduce it.If I'm able to track this down I will fix it of course.

5. TUTORIAL -- Normally you shouldn't be able to start the next part of the tutorial without having two shield generators equipped. Until this is given, the player cannot leave the upgrade screen. But just as I was typing it down, I think there is a possible way: If you die on that part of the tutorial you are sent back to the upgrade screen and I think you can leave then without buying the shields. I will double check this and make sure this does not happen. Also I need to add some message if the player spends all his money on something else and then does not realize he needs to sell something to be able to buy the required shields.

6. TYPO -- Fixed in the update, thanks for reporting!

7. INFINITE MONEY GLITCH -- Fixed in the update, this was a general bug with the button show / hide functionality. It is amazing that I never noticed that by myself during development. Thanks for reporting this!

8. GUN BEHAVIOR -- Another point where you 100% correct, fixed in the update.

9. THE MEDALS -- I think the medals show up with no points either if: They are untested (you are the first person to unlock this medal since the developer has not done it) or if: You played the game without internet connection or there was a connection issue with newgrounds. The medals appear at the main menu for a reason: I track the medal status within the game itself and I try to unlock all medals again that the player has earned already to make sure it shows up on his profile even when he achieved the medal when he was offline. But it is strange that you get the medal unlocks everytime, for me this does not happen. Newgrounds has a built in testing mode for the Medal API, and when I'm playing the game it does not show the medal unlocks for me in the main menu, and I can see that the Medal API responds "Medal already unlocked". More investigation and some kind of "best practice" how to store and unlock the medals is needed, I guess ;)

10. THE CREDITS -- Thanks for the praise, not sure about the GoT-reference as well, I wanted to put something funny in there for the people who were so nice to watch the credits. Regarding unskippable, you are right again, I will add a button so you can skip the credits.

Thank again forthe rating, the praise and all the constructive feedback. One can really tell from what you wrote that you have a lot of experience in playing and analyzing game mechanics. I I will try to incorporate everything that I'm learning here for my future games.

It's a pretty good roguelike, but I do have some complaints.

The plasma shot can move way too fast for a human being at the higher upgraded speed levels, the AI can use a speedy plasma shot to hit your planet in the blink of an eye.

I don't like the need to level up to get more starting money. while in theory a player could beat the campaign the first time, it's extremely unlikely vs playing again and again to get a larger starting bonus.

Missiles need to glow either red or blue to let players know if it's their missile or not., I wasted two shields before realizing the missile was reflected and flying on a wide arc away from my planet and towards the enemy. For a weapon so deadly it's easy to not actually see it since it lacks bright colors like every other projectile in the game has.

I like the idea of the railgun, but it's frustrating to fight the AI using one, it hits instantly and the AI has near instant reflexes vs the player. I found my guns getting shot before the enemy railgun was even fully on screen to act against it.

I need a target reticule to help me aim, it's extremely difficult to line up emp and reflector shots while the AI will have no problem hitting a moving target.

Overall, I love what this game sets out to do, and it's definitely one of the better roguelikes I've seen.

OMBG responds:

First of all thank you for taking the time to write all that down! I think you have found excellent "complaints" (let's call them "areas capable of improvement" ;-) ) for your feedback as I

think they are all valid points:

The plasma shot is fast, yes, but it also has a charge-up phase so you are able to prepare for the incoming shot. However you need to estimate where the shot will land when it is accelerating

which is challenging but you have all the time to think about it as the game pauses while you have the shield selected.

Regarding the starting money I agree with you: It should not be the point of the game having to level up first before you stand a chance at beating it. I think I might need to adjust the

amount the player get at level 0 after I have collected more feedback. I don't want to make it to easy either, it would be ideal if you die in the campaign because you made the wrong

decisions, but not because you did not get enough money to get the job done ;-)

I have little to say in defense for the thing you wrote about the missiles. You are absolutely right with this (especially the part of damage vs. visibility!), and I will definetly improve

this for future versions.

The AI is artifically slowed down at the moment to simulate "thinking time", if you watch closely you might notice that it is not using guns even if they would be available. But it definetly

has an advantage when it comes to selecting guns: A Gun is "selectable" as soon as it is visible on the screen, if there is a pixel you can click on, you can select it. Same goes for the AI,

unfortunately the AI is far better at "clicking on single pixels" than a human player. I might tone that down a bit to make it fairer for us poor human beings ;-)

Do you mean having a different mouse cursor for having a "target reticule"? That is a very good idea, it would also communicate "this Weapon will fire now if you click" to the player.

Thanks again for writing all this, it is hard getting feedback for your game, but if you get feedback with detailed explanations and even proposals on how to improve it is even more valuable.

I cannot promise that I will be able to fix all of these points for a future version of the game, but I will definetly consider all of them to make a good decision on what / how to improve.