Reviews for "Planets Gone Rogue!"

Really nice game! I've beaten it without any rockets btw, using mainly shields and machine guns and getting big boni by saving money instead of improving my defenses.
More of this!

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing and the good rating! Getting bigger payments by not upgrading your planet is a solid strategy to earn more money, but if you aren't careful it can also backfire if you overdo it and you loose your planet. But since you have beaten it, it seems that you made best use of that strategy =)

I definitely want to do more games in the future, but I think I will concentrate on delivering some more updates for this game until it has better balance, so I'm afraid it'll take a bit until I can deliver the next game.

This is one of the most massive games I've ever played! It's hard to even describe it! I think the best way would simply be to say it's hard t et the big picture. You certainly did create a big picture with this. I like the notion of using entire planets as weapons. It reminds me of Tengen Toppa Gureen Lagann.

It especially reminds me with the Moon thing. The sound effects are quite good. I found it to be a unique game. It was still really hard and took a long time to play. I wouldn't quite recommend it.

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing and the good rating! It honors me that you think this way about my game. I just don't understand why you say you wouldn't recommend it since your review seems quite positive for me? Or was that a typo? Either way, thanks again for playing and for the feedback!

This has really fascinated me. I liked the originality of the whole idea, and lets face it: Planets exploding are always nice. As to put some sorta structure in this, I'll list what's good and bad.
- Great variety of weapons
- Interesting and well working concept of the rotating planets
- Big map
- Fun gameplay. It really is loads of fun
- Charming credits

- Rockets are overpowered (I beat the game with half the planet full of rocket pads, the rest was shields which I didn't even upgrade. The rockets pwn everything). This also kinda destroys the variety of weapons, as you don't need nothing else except the rockets
- Quests. They are a nice idea and a good way to earn money, but I got lots and lots of quests in the beginning (almost every turn), only for them to disappear completly towards the end of the game.
- Difficulty. I never felt like this game was really challenging me. There were some rough spots, but nothing that made me even drop to red health. Maybe that was due to the rockets, I dunno.
- Finding things. While it is very unnerving to spend loads of money on the exploration of alien technology, only to find scrap metal, this also creates a bit of a flaw with the game flow. I found myself often completly broke because the explorations would cost too much, thus not allowing for any upgrades. This is also true for the green neutral planets, as the money they might give gets very measly to the end. 37 Credits really isn't something to write home about when you get over 2000 for 'splodin' a planet.

All in all this was an awesome game, it just needs a few tweaks when it comes to game balance.

Also, I encountered a bug:
When the rockets split with the split bonus, they sometimes start going of into random directions (most likely upwards), thus not even getting near their destination.

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing and rating! As you said it already:

Planets - Explosions - Lasers

can't go wrong with these. It's the triumvirate of awesome. ;-) Regarding the "bad" points:

Rockets: Various people already noted that the rockets are too strong - on player and on enemy side. I think I will have to nerf them further (I already raised the price for them a bit since first release), maybe I'll have to increase the reload time or make them evene slower. I could adjust the damage as well, but I like the feeling of the slowly approaching but very dangerous rocket. If you have an idea how you would fine-tune the rockets, please let me know via PM - this is for everybody folks!

Quests: Hmmm, your experience is a bit strange: The probability to get a quest is depending on how long it has been since a quest has been given, there is a small base chance that increases on every scan. So if they were disappearing at the end of the game you were really unlucky since they should appear with the same frequency throughout the game. In an earlier review there was an excellent proposal for adjusting this: Quests could be given "per squares discovered" instead of chance, so players would have another incentive to explore efficently instead of nibbling off small bits at the left side of the map until they get fresh quests to rake in money. I think I will change it this way.

Difficulty: I think this strongly due to the strong rockets as discussed above.

Finding things: Nobody forces you to do the explorations, they are a bit of a gamble since you might lose your money on them. =). But as I've written in an earlier review, I'm thinking about adjusting the recovery price for them (see earlier review by sharpnova). Your comment about the green planets made me think about adjusting them as well, so they give higher rewards when they are located farther on the right side of the map.

Thanks for reporting the bug, I have already an idea why this could happen, I made a change in the way the rockets find their targets short before release and I think this is not reflected in the way the split up rockets are getting their new targets. I'm pretty positive to have this fixed in the next update.

Thanks again for writing all this down and putting so much thought in your review!

really cool and unique game.. but the balance of resource acquisition is very bad.

i kicked the crap out of a couple planets, scanned, recovered an artifact and was back to square 1 resource wise. no upgrades purchased.

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing and rating! If I understood you correctly you recovered an artifact which consumed all your money you have earned at that point, and when it was empty you were basically back at the beginning resource-wise.
I must admit that is a bit how artifacts are supposed to work, they are some kind of a risky deal since they can contain nothing or an unique bonus that can be really helpful in battle and which you couldn't get otherwise. But I'm also thinking about making them cheaper to recover, or at least to reduce the price raise with the distance to the right, because if the player is not able to recover some artifacts right from the start because there are none to be found, he is only able to recover them later at a much higher price which puts too much emphasis on luck.

Such an awesome game. Only real complaints is maybe make the rocket launcher pad's yellow a little brighter sometimes I didn't realize it was in view because it blended in with the planet surface a little. And maybe make it a little more difficult. At some points I felt a little too overpowered. But other then that it's a very fun and addicting game.

OMBG responds:

Thank you for playing & the high rating! I'll consider changing the color of the rocket launcher for a future update to give it better visibility. Adjusting the difficulty / balancing is still ongoing, but I have already heard from multiple persons that the game is too easy, while others note it is too hard. I think I might add a difficulty setting in the options menu for a future update to satisfy both sides. =)