Reviews for "Planets Gone Rogue!"

pretty fun game flamewolf pretty much has most of it down however if u just massivly lv machine gun rounds and power u can pretty ez most planets without much use for other turrents

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing! The balancing for the game is still ongoing, I have just released an update that decreased the damage upgrade for the machine gun a bit since it was too powerful just like you reported it.

I appreciate the google play button. the rest of the game is great too

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing & rating! It is nice to hear that players are not alienated by that animated button since it is basically not more than shameless marketing. But at least I added some funny lines of text to compensate for that =).

Haven't beaten it yet however I've gone pretty far and am enjoying it. Don't know if it was intentional but it's essentially if Missle Command was a rougelike that involved planets. Based on that long tutorial thought it was going to be lame however the difficult curve and challenge that came with it proved me wrong.

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing and I hope you'll keep on trying until you have beaten it! There were a lot of games that inspired mechanisms in this game, for example the idea of "uncovering a map with something dangerous hidden under the fields" comes from minesweeper, the yellow "incentive payment line" was inspired by the army that follows your ship in "Faster Than Light". There was one gun that was indeed inspired by Missile Command: The black hole gun has an "explosion" that acts similar like the projectiles in Missile Command.

Its a really interesting idea, but itss poorly executed. Artifacts are rarely worthwhile, the NO MONEY for planets that are "weaker" than you is stupid, because if they are stronger than you, you cant win. We really need a better way to heal the planet, and we need more money or cheaper weapons.

But my biggest concern, we are locked into playing one, and only one type of strategy to have ANY chance of hanging on, and thats to utilize as many shields as possible... You cant go pure offense, or even mostly offense. You have to have 2:1 shields to weapons at least, meaning battles get long, tedious, and boring.

This game is really onto something, but it needs a complete overhaul and rebalancing of the system.

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing and adding your thoughts on the game! While I think the game is far away from being perfect, I disagree with you with some on the points you have brought up:

When I developed the game, I found that if you will get money for fighting any planet you would always pick the weakest possible planet for a fight, finishing them off one by one so you would get the most money which felt pretty much like grinding. The "money incentive line" was added to prevent this to make sure the player picks challenging battles and needs to make interesting decisions on how to proceed next.
I also experimented with the possibility of "buying" health, but it ended up like this: When the healing is cheap / affordable, the first thing you do after your planet is damaged is to heal up all the damage. As a consequence, the exploration of the galaxy map gets less "dangerous" since you don't need to fear fighting an enemy planet with only half of your health.
If the healing is expensive, it would be frustrating if you wouldn't be able to upgrade your weapons because you need to spend most of your money on health.

I also don't think that you can't win or it is possible to win with only one strategy, since other players have completed the campaign already and there are different "working" strategies mentioned in the comments.

I agree with you that the battles get boring if you have too much shields, there is an update in the works that will nerf the rocket launchers, so having less shields will become less risky.

I hope you will give it another try after the next (or future additional) updates, I will try my best to adjust the balance / the difficulty according to player feedback.

Games must have inductive playstyles which this one has, but there should at leat be a way to skip all theese talk.

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing, I hope you found at least some fun in the other parts of the game that don't involve lengthy dialogues. I know the tutorial contains a lot of text but it also contains very important bits of information now and then. I'm currently thinking about adding a skip button for the cutscenes in the game, maybe I can make it so that you can skip the dialogue boxes as well.
If you did not finish the tutorial because it was too much text, you can deactivate the tutorial in the options and start a new campaign right away.