Reviews for "Planets Gone Rogue!"

Grate game

however workaholic and artifact a Trophies give zero points and don't register on newgrounds.

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing and the perfect review score! You are right: There currently is a problem with the medals:

Artifact aficionado

There seems to be an issue with Newgrounds medal platform. I have old versions of these medals with the exact same name that are currently awaiting deletion. I think it is these old versions that prevent the correct unlocking for the current, active versions of these medals. When I force the unlocking of these medals in my development environment, it gives me hints that it associates the medal name with the old deleted version instead of the active versions. I contacted Newgrounds in this matter, I hope that they can either delete the old versions right away or rename them so that the active versions are unlocked instead.

The good news is that the game tracks the unlocked medals separately from NG, so once the problems with these medals are fixed, they should be unlocked automatically when you visit the main menu.

Neat game, felt like space tower defense type game which I guess it is.
I liked it, good replay value, a lot of ways to get to the end,
considering multiple types of canons and upgrades.
One of the things I might not enjoy so much is the fact that you have restricted upgrading,
because of that council border, I think it would be nice if you would simply get more or less
money for stronger or less stronger planets.
In overall nice game, good work, I hope there will be a second part.

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing and all the praise in your review! Regarding your idea with earning more or less money: This is almost like it is implemented in the game already, if you fight planets further away from the council border, you also earn more money for taking on a stronger planet.
The council border itself has been added to the game to prevent the player taking on only weaker planets in battle. If you would be rewarded money for every planet, you would start fighting the weakest planet, then the next planet that is a little less weak etc. etc. until you have grinded your way to the final showdown with maxed out money.
The added council border forces the player to think more about finding a working strategy when scanning and upgrading your planet.

Great but too easy and too long:

Single gun all shield for 80% of the game insta kill everything, then gun shield gun rest shields or emp gun rest shield. Everything else is completely useless.

And again, game is too long since every battle is the same ... pew pew with upgraded machine gun = gg

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing & reviewing! I can imagine that single gun all shields works out well since you' are able to deflect all enemy fire, but I guess this also makes the battles a bit boring which maybe is the reason why it felt overly long to you. I have read about various winning strategies from different players so far, so I don't think everything else is completely useless.

Very good, beat the boss level after taking TheDevilsPet's advice. Found a few bugs.
The split artifact sometimes causes rockets to return and circle your own planet.
The Earthquake seems to cause huge numbers but the correct damage. (it was popping up 13590000)
The green laser weapon continues firing while a planet is exploding.
4.5 game, -0.5 for bugs

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing and reporting the bugs!

The "split artifact" bug has been fixed in the recent update 1.06.
I was not aware of the Earthquake bug, normally this should deal a part of the damage of the projectile that hit the planet. I'm going to review and hopefully fix this for a future update.
The green laser weapon works a little different than the other weapons which is why continues firing when the planet is exploding. This should only be a cosmetic issue since your planet is invincible as soon as the other planet has been defeated, but I'll try to fix this as well in a future update.

That was really fun. Ending was kinda disappointing, hope theres a sequel for unanswered questions.

OMBG responds:

Thanks for completing the game and the good rating! I definitely want to continue making games and I have a lot of ideas that did not make it in the first game, so I cannot rule out that there will be a sequel one day. =)