Reviews for "Planets Gone Rogue!"

Great game. At first it was challenging and I lost a few times, until I used rockets and shields to pwn the planets. I eventually used a laser, but probably only used it 10 times. I only upgraded the reload time on the rockets and after a bit, i worked on my shields. Was pretty easy after reload times were upgraded.

It was pretty funny when I got to some of the beefier planets and was like... Oh shit look at all those guns they have, then GG boom boomed them to death with rockets, with little to no damage. I only ran into one small bug with a rocket or two occasionally flying around aimlessly back and forth between my planet and the enemy, but it was nothing game breaking. I got a lot of artifacts that turned out to be junk, but the ones that had bonuses were pretty helpful. The length of the game was pretty good too. It wasn't too long or too short in my opinion, but it did go faster with rocket/shield strat.

Overall, I enjoyed the game more than I thought I would. More games like this would be nice. Keep up the good work.

OMBG responds:

Thanks for completing the game and the perfect rating! The rockets have already been reported as being "too powerful" multiple times which was he reason I made them weaker in update 1.06. If I read the description of your glorious victory it seems I might need to nerf them even further or maybe make the AI smarter to handle them better.

As I have written below I plan on making more games in the future, but I can't tell yet if these will be similar to Planets Gone Rogue! or even a sequel or entirely different. We'll see what the future holds for us =)

This game was way too addictiv ! Thanks god there is good end after 4 hours of playing it...
Anyway. Review time !

I don't think we can ask more for a fun and entertaining flash game. It's a really good thing that you made up here Sir ! And it's free ! What else ?

Thanks to you for this and do not hesitate to create more game ! (Even if i know it ask hour and hour of work..)
Have a good winter !

PS: Rating a game is actually pretty fun..you was right !

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing through the entire campaign & the perfect rating! When I created the game I assumed that many people would not play through the entire campaign since you need to be somewhat resistant against frustration, so it is great to see in the reviews / scoreboards that many people are willing to try it multiple times until they succeed.

I definitely want to create more games as long as I'm able to, so expect to see more from me soon. Have a good (and warm = ) ) winter as well!

Fun game, but there are several problems.

1) You can beat the entire game without ever upgrading anything. This is because enemies will always scale to meet around your strength level, and at the very beginning of the game you have enough to go all the way to the end without ever upgrading.

2) If you never decide to upgrade anything, you will ALWAYS get paid for completing every battle, even if the planet is as far left as possible.

3) There is no point in starting over with more money and more hp if the enemies will always match your level of difficulty. Upgrading anything with that cash, just makes the enemies tougher. What is the point.

4) The more you upgrade, the higher chance an enemy will be able to kill you.
Why would you play a game where you are punished for upgrading?

That is just the tip of the iceberg with your particular upgrade/enemy scaling system.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing and rating! I understand your points 100% if the enemies would be scaling with your planet strength, but I think there is a major misunderstanding going on here: The enemy planets do NOT scale with your equipment, only your reward for finishing these planets does.

The scaling of the enemy is only influenced by their position on the map: The further to the right they are located, the more money these planets have available to "buy" guns and upgrades from the price list. If you start a new campaign the first enemy planets don't have guns equipped on all positions because they can't afford it. As you continue to the right, regardless if you upgrade your planet or not, these planets will start to equip more guns and upgrades and will also have more health and better damage / defense / reload stats.

What does scale is the reward that you get for defeating the planets as indicated by the yellow "reward incentive" line.

I think what might have happened during your campaign is that you took on planets near the yellow incentive line after upgrading and you thought the enemies would scale with your upgrades.

If you are willing to try the game once more you could test the "non-upgrade"-strategy as you described it in 1) and you could try to finish the game this way, I would be very surprised if this would work out since you should encounter planets that are way too strong for your starting setup soon.

If I made a mistake in this or misinterpreted you and / or have overlooked an important detail please contact me via PM so I can correct this response and fix the potential issue in the game.

I will play it for hours, this game is really cool.

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing and the perfect rating! I was very unsure about how this game would be recieved when I uploaded it on NG, so it is great to hear people are enjoying it so much that they are planning to invest "hours" into it. Much appreciated!

Fun until Green Laser Beam keep shooting it's self

OMBG responds:

Sorry to hear that you had such a negative experience with the game! I have not yet experienced this problem when playing the game myself so if you have any information about how to reproduce this issue it would be very kind if you could describe it to me via PM, I would then try to fix this for a future update.

EDIT: Please ignore what I wrote above, I was able to reproduce the problem by myself, this seems to be an issue with the recent update. Fixing this right now, expect an update soon!

EDIT 2: Fixed with update V 1.07