Reviews for "Planets Gone Rogue!"

I liked the idea, just didn't the fact that when you lose early in the game, it's really GAME OVER and you have to restart

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing and giving constructive feedback!

Yes I must admit it is a bit harsh, this is why I added the "planet level" that gives you at least a bit of progress if you died during the campaign. The problem is that if you would be able to continue somehow after you have died, you wouldn't take the map screen and the scanning mechanic seriously. I tried it once during development, and I started to play the game differently (much more "aggressive") when I was able to continue after dying.
For example at the moment it is a really difficult decision if you have 30% health left and there is a quest on a half-sized red skull field. Do you take on the quest and risk starting over, or do you play it save and ignore the quest? When there was no permadeath I was much like "whatever, I can continue anyways" and started the scan without thinking much about it.

I'm currently collecting all the feedback and I will try to make best use of it to improve in this area.

Fun to play, but a really slow start.

Needs some more balancing and debugging (midway the GUI just froze up and I wasn't able to continue).

OMBG responds:

Thanks for playing and giving feedback! I agree the start is slow, since you have to complete the tutorial which has A LOT of dialogue and then you start with little weaponry against half-equipped enemy planets. On the other hand I experienced players testing the game who had jumped right in without any explanation and they had problems understanding the pause / play mechanic in the battles, how shields work, that you can destroy guns, etc. etc. So I tried to start off slow so the players have some time to really grasp these things.

I'm currently collecting all the feedback and I will try to make best use of it to improve the game in the future, I hope I will also find a way to solve this dilemma. ;-)

Regarding the frozen GUI: If you could find the time to write me what was happening at that moment (end of the battle? Recovering artifact? etc. etc.) I would really appreciate it because in the last weeks of I did not encounter such an error when testing the game. Normally you should be able to continue your campaign when you reload the game and click on "continue" in the main menu since it saves the campaign progress automatically.