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Reviews for "A Girl In A Room II"

Now that was much more horrifying than the original.

Saw this a bit late, love it.
But I think the first one had a connected theme. This one was a bit more disconnected.

I voted fife

Very cool! Glad to see this got done. Would have loved to contribute if I had the spare time I thought I did have. By far the skit with the spacesuit was my favourite; so delightfully evil and clever! Sound track and voice acting were pretty exceptional across the board too. The part with the dismembered girl near the start felt a bit rushed though.

Overall solid effort. Well done.

I'm really stoked to see that you guys made a second one of these.
Very cool idea's and execution of the stories.
Everyone did some great work on this collab, well done!
I hope you continue to make these, because I'm anxious to see how it
will evolve down the road.
Keep up the awesome work!

ReklessCreati0n responds:

Awesome! I'm glad you enjoy these as much as we enjoy making them. Keep an eye out next year for A Girl in a Room III. We'll be... switching it up a bit :D