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Reviews for "A Girl In A Room II"

:D holy crap lol
you used my song for the credits ^___^
it starts at 9:00

ReklessCreati0n responds:

Yah man, that Crazy Cat song rocks, ( funny how it happened to line up with the animation too )

The last animation was really smooth. I know that it's a collab but I wasn't certain considering the last one if there was continuity or not. I take it, there isn't? Either way, this has a lot of potential to be a yearly thing and I'm glad it made the front page....

.....also this was totally sexist. It's an entire collab dedicated to torturing a chick in her underwear. I'm surprised you got female voice actresses to do this. :o3

Great animation all around. I just personally was only really creeped out by the fly one. Oh that ending, nice.

A diverse work of creepy room art! Feels like the overall mass of production's a bit less than the last one, and much more varied, not as enclosed somehow, without that same sense of isolation and despair. That said, it was a good watch! Hope there'll be a third!


how does it work