Reviews for "Samantha Wins"

I'm absolutely stunned by how this game ended, what I thought was just some weird game with no real thought behind it's ending other than me 'losing'.

I found it to have a 'deep' and insightful ending that you simply wouldn't have expected when you started playing.

Sad and shocking. At some point while playing this, you already know where this is leading to.
I never want to get in a situation like this.
You did very well with this game, i felt desperate, uneasy and so on.
It's a great game or more a great piece of art. I think everybody feels different while going through this mind-bending experience.
Simply great.


Amazing!! It was a sad game but still had me a little on edge it has such a great story to it

this game caught me off gaurd, it set a scary feel for me, but it wasn't scary, the only part that even almost scared me is the part when red runs at you. i really liked it