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Reviews for "TUMOR: A Distorted Terror"

Earthbound feelings...

ClockworkPixel responds:

I am a huge fan of earthbound ... can you tell?

Jade is one tough cookie. And Doctor Flag attacked my sanity. Did Mother 3 inspire you any?

And please tell me when the two heads are superimposed that the heart sign was intentional. :P

ClockworkPixel responds:

too say mother 3 was an inspiration is an understatement I bloody love mother 3! (well all 3 of them really) and it wasn't lol just a happy accident

What about adopting, and at the same time getting the 3 of them pregnant with artificial insemination? Surely with the 3 of them pregnant and 3 adopted kids, at least one should be bound to survive beyond 9 months... actually forget that, just get them a pet, a pet rock that is, i don't trust any of them with the care of living animals.

This one was the less creepy one, but it is as sad as the first ones.

ClockworkPixel responds:

I love the idea of you kicking down tge door slapping rose across the face handing her a pet rock and being like "THERE! TAKE THAT! Now get over it!" Lol

Why is it so gooooood and oooooveeeer ugggghhhhhh
Basically I loved the series, of course I was disappointed at the ambiguous ending but tis for the season and I can make my own from that last little bit, so overall 5 stars :)
Though the music was even better in this one even if the animation took a long time for the amount of content but hnnng I super want that soundtrack now XS

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thanks :) im glad you liked the series. First off once i've got zip zippers aproval i'm going to make a soundtrack on youtub, just an ost video with all tracks on it and second it could continue in tge future but if it did it'll be a game so im not making any promises lol but if im able to make a game in the future i will

At the beginning of the video I thought to myself, "Nine minutes long?? There's no way I'm going to sit through all of this." But then at the end, I was wishing it was longer. Me being the big dumb dumb I am I watched the whole thing through before realizing this was a third part of a series. I was thrilled there was more to watch though!

Great job!

ClockworkPixel responds:

thank you very much. I'm glad you stuck with it