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Reviews for "TUMOR: A Distorted Terror"


ClockworkPixel responds:

Wow thank you!

There you go, 5 stars !

I need to watch all over again to get it all but fuck, that's a great 4th episode ! Even more creepier, mad, twisted and with an evolution of the storytelling (as you did since SKIN). The only thing that bored me a little was the fact that Jade make always the same attack. Combo 1 2 3 4 5... Combo 1 2 3 4 5... She hasn't item like in the first episode (SKIN) but that would have been even more entertaining. That would have make me go for 4.5/5 but hey, i freaking love tragic renewal of human race. Music is nice too, goes very well with the action ! If i could go with a note for the whole serie, that would be a 5.

Thanks for your work guys !

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thanks for your suport :) jades hits were more about the rythem of tge music but i see what you mean kinda a small step dowm from skin really

Nice, i want a next part it was great

ClockworkPixel responds:

Maybe in the future lol

I loved this series man and I so hope you continue to do more of this style. I also believe you could have turn something like this into a real game which would give people a stronger sense of dread as opposed to just watching it. With games like Claire, Home, Lone survivor, Yume Nikki being awesome horror games I think you got a good shot at something like that as well. My only gripe is the cliff hanger ending I would have enjoy a more solid answered ending as to what happen but non the less awesome job.

ClockworkPixel responds:

I will make a horror game it's just a matter of when lol i have to learn basic programming. The ambiguous ending is because I couldn't decide how to end it i honestly don't know if she makes it or not

loved it. this kind of stuff is right up my alley. i love pixel art and the story and video game esque environment was creepy good.
just ... i thought rose forgave herself in skin? is kayla (?) the only other lesbian in this whole place? why are jade and rose so hard pressed to please her? couldn't they just adopt? and why is jade listening to some weirdo just because he tells her that the only doctor in this entire town wants to see her?
lol. i'm looking to more work from you. if this ever gets continued as a video game, that'd be awesome.

ClockworkPixel responds:

Rose blames jade for karla leaving her and in a scrapped cutscene it shows that Jade is a nurse. It was planned that jade was roses nurse during her pregnecy but i scrapped it half way through part 1 and because of that i never explained that Jade is a nurse lol