Reviews for "Mario VS Samus"

Ha ha ha, what a load of shit!

Your sprites are horrid! The animation was choppy. Had a few okay moments, but other then that it was a piece.

Finally! An 32-bit SSMB!

Haha! I'm still laughing over the conversion from 128-bit (Gamecube) to 32-bit (SNES) graphics! Pwah! FUNNY!

Is there going to be another one like this? I'd like to see Samus kicking Yoshi, Peach or Luigi to Kingdom Come!


I like it. Except other newground people might not. Don't be afriad to add more action and blood's a good touch.

Very nice

I found that quite entertaining! Very similar to Super smash brothers melee. The guy that reviewed before me has no idea what he's talking about, keep making them, you're doing great!

damn, that sucked...

NOT!!! that whaled, awesome sound quality, i gave it a 10 in humor, cos it's just so damned funny to hear Mario go "Waaaaaaooooooooowwww" when he gets the "Team Rocket" death, make another like this, only make it Falco Vs. Mewtwo... or something... but plz make another!!!