Reviews for "Five Nights At Freddy's"

chica scared the frick out of me with the teeth and the jump scare well not that much still good animation 5/5

Awesome animation, which is what I have come to expect after seeing "Five Offers at Freddy's." The voices were spot on, and the ending was gruesome (which is a nice change of pace from the "Saved by the clock" thing people always end up doing.) I just have one question though: at the end, when Bonnie was talking, did he say "Bonnie Bunny wants to be YOUR butt buddy."?That's kinda fucked up if he did XD

When I first saw those hands in the dark I thought it was golden freddy.

I expected the ending to be like WHOOPS 6am!! but it was a bit dark. Yeah.. anyway, still 4 for the animation!

i thought it would remain comedy until the end but the ending made me O_O
never the less it was great, keep up the good work :D