Reviews for "Five Nights At Freddy's"

Lol I like this! But the death... OUCH!!! :-D

I'll be sure to check our the thejamcave! this was awesome! the voice acting was awesome and the fact it was made in 48 hrs is incredible!

The artwork was great in this! I'm surprised I didn't come by this sooner. I thought it was going to end really silly. Instead, it was quite serious! I admit that was quite unpredictable. I guess we can't always be funny.

You chose a pretty generic title. This guy looked like Red from "Pokémon". Everything moves very smoothly. It's great to talk about all the people who worked on this. It really paid off!

great 2 days wow amazing rlly funny good job

Holy shit you guys did that in just 2 days? jesus chirst... it was really funny and nicely done.