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Reviews for "Monster hunter Halloween"

Rathalos plates! I really enjoyed this video, just like your other ones. Thanks for making these. There aren't enough monster hunter fan creations out there.

lmao, a different kind of trick or treating, where each item obtaineed seems to be a useful something, not the tradiational tepid consumable cadnies. :P Great animation; great everything! Happy Halloween!


Wish this continued on a little more with more of the other monsters. I mean we haven't seen the Alatreon or Nargacuga, or Qurupeco in this one. But still love your videos, keep them up, especially for when Christmas comes around. Would love to see what you got plan then.

NCH responds:

I probably won't be able to come up with a christmas one lol... and I kinda dont want to show every monster out there too, kinda taking it slowly lol.

That was the most hilarious trick-or-treating montage I've seen in years. I don't know where you found that door knock, but it got funnier every time I heard it. Great job!

I always seem to enjoy your MH animations but this was nicely thought out in how the trick or treating works with the monsters, and quite frankly the ending with the mask was sorta freaky and creative with what was underneath being unyielding and unending darkness that devours all in its wake...... anyway, hope to see more from you and good luck in your future endeavors.