Reviews for "room nr. 6"


I've never seen something so wiredly, well, nah i've just never seen anything so wierd. But even at that it's wierd and very well drawn. Nice work.

friggin cool

you have a style that's somewhere in between Salvador Dali and Tim Burton. good job!

awesomely bizarre

pretty crazy. i like the detail on the arms also.

Absolutely Surreal

Honestly, if your colours were more vibrant I'd swear that you are Salvador Dali.

Fantastic dream quality to the picture. Like your imagination ran wild through your hands. Excellent work.


I think its hiding something inside of it, some thing the human brain cannot exactly explain, but I can feel something really deep inside of it, horror and anxiety

I would really like to know whats beyond this picture, send me a massege if you mind to explain.

terrrific picture