Reviews for "room nr. 6"

Birds don't drink tea!

This picture makes no sense!

what the hell?

i like it, but what the hell were you smoking when you thought this up?

the texture is great

showed how the elements is to be shown..i can read the technique but cant point the meaning..i just aint good with these things..heh.


like your style on this picture, very creative 10!

Surreal, and yet not quite on target

So many of the points on the 'wall/s,' have the exact amount of detail needed, and yet the figure in the chair lacks the affectation needed for composition. So much wonderful surreality to said figure in the 'eye,' 'muzzle,' and 'torso,' yet the limbs do not carry what I feel is the effect you desired, upon the harmonious discord within the piece's -otherwise & overall transcendent- spectacle.