Reviews for "room nr. 6"

This is trippy as hell.
I love it.

This is a truly fantastic art piece! It's stuff like this that makes me want to go out and review every art piece I look at! I will in fact probably do that. I like this because it looks like something straight out of a deranged Alice In Wonderland adaptation. I don't know if anything is supposed to make any sense in this. I love how there's random facial features on the walls.

That seems to give off the impression that you're dwelling deep into someone's mind. The hands are drawn perfectly. I think the beard is supposed to be a raven, but I'm not sure. I love how it seems to be a combination of various parts, like an 8 ball, tree limbs, and mechanical bits. The roof looks like it's a mouth with the teeth coming out. The grass lets you imagine where it takes place.

I love this so very very very much

Would you care for some sugar with your tea, Commodore Ruther OctoOjo?

i agree with wicked.

ive always wanted to make a picture like this

I love it.

Eddiebrock; what the fuck kinda comment was that?

I love the art though, <3 It's amazing; different [ most definably ]; somewhat beautiful; and it has that message to it. When I see it I think of "The caged bird sings".