Reviews for "Don't litter"

w00t for you!

I just wanna kick people who litter in the nuts. A statistic I saw on the news today says that the average person in the UK drops half a ton of litter every year.

I think someones dropping 1 ton, cos I don't litter. Me = good boy. I ain't gettin eaten by no freakin cans.


Simple, to the point, and funny- that's the stuff - good job

HAhaha! | OWNAGE= 95%


This was done alot time ago, and it is "normal" to have a bad graphics. Even though it has an great animating!!

You could add an small looping fx for the ambient, it wold be "much appreacitatet".
It was funny, and had an great message, I like that. That's an great story.

You don't beleive me?

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it dosnt really have a point but it`s still awsome

oh my

good but ouch that had to hurt