Reviews for "Don't litter"

not good...

dude this cna be longer but nothing funny happend after the man littered.
Go see the why we shouldn't litter movie by rob.If you can't find it,go to series and click joe zombie,then go to other flash by this author then,see how great the movie is.Bye now i'll go reveiw that right quick.

It was good

I liked the idea to it but stick figures? Come on! If you used people instead it would be a perfect 10


Good for kids

finaly something to teach kids not to litter.
By the way why stick people?
why not sprite
or george bush or something?


thanx for the banning me off the BBS, i appreciate it, lol.

That was funny

I liked it. I din' knwo what else to say. Good job, I guess.