Reviews for "Don't litter"


this so rocks,yeah okay maybe im a little psycho from the weed in your nes game,no clue how...,anyway this rocked!three cheers etc.

Oh, yay!

Wow, *giggle* loved it. I mean, it's short, sweet and to the point. What's not to love? Nicely done!

HAhaha! | OWNAGE= 95%


This was done alot time ago, and it is "normal" to have a bad graphics. Even though it has an great animating!!

You could add an small looping fx for the ambient, it wold be "much appreacitatet".
It was funny, and had an great message, I like that. That's an great story.

You don't beleive me?

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LOL that was fully random

It was ok it was a bit short and wasent really worth watching but it was random, and that ok with me =D thumbs up!


this is not good at all...Did you see a why we shouldn't litter movie by rob denblaker? Because you must see it.