Reviews for "Ultrahyper"

This ended up being quite fun for me. I especially like how stylistic it is. It really is a pretty original game. I really like the whooshing sounds. I appreciate how fast paced it is. I really did get far in this.

It's really fun to wonder what will come up next. It doesn't seem too difficult or anything. I didn't really see the difference between the characters. Maybe it was just how they looked? The game could have just gotten harder.

Hey LIDgames... I guess you should improve your advertisements more... like the one at the front page? and make it more LIVELIER... anyways.. great game but that music lets you feel dizzy a bit lol :] good game guys! play it :]

I will 5stars because it is a pretty good game, but could you help me? I am passing through solid walls! Like nothing can stop me, I know if it's a bug or something with my computer, so can you help me?

i love this game :D

solid in concept. some of the characters are better then others, for example, green (#3) gets a level where there is no dodging. free points! and purple (#6) when you encounter the falling blinking bricks, you are immune. you pass right through them. smiley (#7) makes the game shake when he changes lanes... red (#5) is well.... pointless, you get a negative score when you play. some of the levels are predictable. the blue level, is 2 across, but will always appear on the side you are on, just push to the walls and you are good, same is true with the falling bricks, they appear above you, just keep moving. in the light green room, stay in the middle, you will have to move but there are no 2 length blocks so, for the most part you are safe. in the red room, that is the toughest room i have found, as the blocks do not have a set pattern, you could have 4 on one side then BAM one out of no where on your side. one last tip, the walls can NOT kill you, so if you are trying to get over fast, spam the key to move, if you hit the wall, you can keep going! good game, neat idea.