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Reviews for "Scare Dare - The House"

Wow, I really thought I was gone before I could finish it when I didn't see my inventory anymore, then those things keep approaching too closely. It was a scary and fun experience and the riddles where difficult without being harrasingly so. Thanks for doing this game.

Stefanie-Hartung responds:

Thank you for playing!

This is a pretty cool escape game. Graphic was simple and key elements weren't too difficult to find in a dim light environment. It'd be better if we could carry a lantern when exploring inside the house. The floor plan was quite useful in my opinion.

It's interesting to collect diary pages and notes along the way and find out more of the game story. The zoom in function was nice although I still had to look closely at the monitor to read the text near the edge. Occasional ghost scenes were thrilling and made one want to escape the house quick.

I got stuck at the attic. Thanks to Stefanie, it made sense to collect a hard object to break the crystal case. c:

Stefanie-Hartung responds:

Thanks for your review.

Thank you for that, and just in time for Halloween, too!

This work is very well done. The artwork is fantastic, the background music very fitting for the story and scenes. I really liked the font used in the hand-written notes and the overall gloom of the interior of the house. The theme is well thought out and you've paid attention to continuity so the story flows. The instructions were really clear and well done -something that developers sometimes forget to include.

There was only one thing that I wished was better -and that was the size of the screen, which made it a squinty experience for me. .... and silly me! I got lost a lot because I didn't find the map until I found my way to the front door. LOL

Thank you for submitting this and letting us play. I look forward to more work from you; you have a lot of talent and I expect it will grow over time.

Stefanie-Hartung responds:

Thanks, also for pointing out how things could be better.

That was pretty good!

Wow, this is awesome!
I managed to escape, and the music fits to the environment perfectly. Good job m8, keep it up!