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Reviews for "Scare Dare - The House"

cool game, just a few little things bugged me, the small screen and I got lost a few times, the map didn't help much. Thanks.

holy fuck it scared my lights out holy shit

That was a great point&click. Good progression, great storytelling via notes, great music. Good balancing of the lights and darks, things weren't too obvious but still satisfying. Really fun stuff.

The only thing i'd recommend reconsidering is the end sequence (after the climax). After the buildup of tension and intensity of the final sequence, there needs to be some type of satisfying transition out of the house. One thing i thought might fix this would be a change in the music (hence, a change in the tone) after you finish and get the exit key. The fact that you actually get to use that key to unlock the door is really cool (as it gives the player a really definite sense that...yes. i escaped!) but i don't think you'd lose much just skipping to the entry hallway rather than having to click however many times to get back there. By that point, you've already seen the whole house, the tension is dispelled, and that last little jaunt back down the stairs felt unnecessary.

Stefanie-Hartung responds:

Thanks for your suggestion. I made an update, players will go straight to the entrance door now after leaving the attic.

dat tense ending tho... good job!

loved it!!