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Reviews for "Scare Dare - The House"

It was so small it hurt my eyes to try and play it. I think the idea was sound, if not a tad bit overused. But I don't think that it should stop you. Even overused ideas can have new life put into them if they are done exceptionally well and new things are brought into them to make them fresh again. I'd like to say more good things about it, but the eye strain is killing me even as I try and write this. Hope to see even better from you, though. Try something as unique as you can imagine, something that will blow every critique and commenter out of the water! Let's see just how far you can go with your creativity. :)

Very dull horror point and click. The story isn't interesting at all, to the point of where I forgot there was a story. The actual scariness of the game is pretty non-existent, never once was I scared and the the few jump scares there are in this game did more to annoy rather than scare me. The game is so dark and foggy, it's sometimes hard to see items, forcing you to have to back-track over and over until you spot the damned thing you need. Overall, there are better point and click horror games to spend your time with. This one is truly uninspired and dull.

Stefanie-Hartung responds:

Sorry if you didn't like it. I think it's impossible to create a game/story/level of scariness that suits everyone. Tastes differ.
Thanks anyway for your input.


At the final scene, I recommend letting yourself die to see the game over screen, as you'll start over at the same scene, not the whole game. I do recommend collecting all the notes and taking notes of the numbers you find. The puzzle is more simple than you'd think. If you can't figure it out, you can try to google- there's a youtube video and a walkthrough of this game floating around.

The three family... out of all the three, only one approaches and interacts with you directly. Watch very closely to what "it" says, and remember all the journals you took. It will tell you the identity.


The lady of the family, Lydia, is the one who lured you into a bait and who tries to feed you. Between her most recent notes and what she says to you, she refers to the mirror as "Master", something the husband doesn't- at least, not in the notes he wrote.

Wonderfully enthralling, this was!
The eyes all over the place (so Count Olaf!), poor Lydia falling victim to the demon mirror (that was a close one in the attic!), the doctor disappearing and the whole family being dead the whole time (so sad!)
This was a lovely game!

Stefanie-Hartung responds:


wasn't 'too' scary esp since the size of the window of the game was tiny. and just mere shadows....

didn't get what happened to the boy per se tho.

as i kept reading and then realized it was lydia who somehow got entranced by the mirror. perhaps the husband used the mirror as a way to get rid of her...

very interesting game tho. too dark to see brick. its a good thing i know how to use tab in games as a cheat way .

Stefanie-Hartung responds:

Thank you. I updated the game, it should be less dark now.