Reviews for "Dance Mr. Funnybones (LOOP)"

Play this at my funeral

*chooses Distraction* *Henry dances* *Guards Dance* *Ellie Shrugs and Dances* *I get out of my chair and Dance* Me:BEST GAME AND MUSIC EVER.5/5 MUSIC. BEST MUSIC YET.YEAH BOI

Just my legs....eh...I can't stop dancing xd <333

Henry:*puts song on radio* Hey guards come dance with me! *starts dancing*
Guard 1:Im getting down to this!*starts dancing as well*
Guard 2:Well ok!*starts dancing too*
Ellie*shrug*Why not join the fun?*also starts dancing*
Me:*gets up and starts dancing*
All jokes aside now 5/5

I... Wh... I just.. whaat.