Reviews for "Heart Star"

Excellent work. Entirely reminiscent of some of the best game boy titles, with a novel concept, intuitive controls, solid mechanics, and a well-paced difficulty curve. The visuals are cute without being saccharine, the gameplay is satisfying, and I felt a sense of accomplishment at the end. I would have no problem paying for something like this.

I loved this game so much!
The graphics, music, and characters are absolutely adorable! :D

Although I wasn't able to complete the last 3 levels.
I was raging way too hard, sorry ; - ;

expect fanart though (DeviantART is SANSATI0NAL)

GBC Worthy! level 29 is evil. Beat it though and only took about 45 minutes. Remake this in your own time and develop the idea! Could use a level editor, and jumps can be flighty sometimes, but still a solid game! 5/5!

AdventureIslands responds:

I actually am working on a polished remake for mobiles with more levels and better controls and art.

Very nice game.
Some little bugs but i spent a good time nevertheless !

It's a cute little portal style Puzzle Platformer. Delightful.